Science Says Ash Gourd Juice Can Cool Your Physique & Assist Weight Loss

As a baby, I bear in mind consuming the white candy Agra petha and puzzled what it was made from. Later, I used to be shocked to study that it was created from a type of greens I by no means preferred having as a baby — ash gourds.

Often called Safed Petha in Hindi and Kumbalanga in Malayalam, this vegetable was grown abundantly in my grandmother’s yard. Therefore I usually used to find it on my plate in numerous types — as curries, thoran (stir fry), pachadi and even in my favorite sambar.

Fairly a flexible vegetable, ash gourd, often known as a wax gourd, white pumpkin, winter melon or Chinese language watermelon, is native to Southern Asia and is kind of frequent in Indian kitchens. Science says that the vegetable does have a number of dietary worth and therefore has been used as an ingredient in a number of conventional Ayurvedic medicines.

Owing to its well being advantages, it has been additionally consumed within the type of juice by many.

Much like cucumbers, ash gourds have a excessive content material of water. They’re additionally wealthy in fibre and have sure quantities of important vitamins like iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, copper, and manganese together with a number of B nutritional vitamins and vitamin C.

Here’s a record of well being advantages of ash gourd juice:

1. Helps in cooling down the physique:

As talked about earlier, ash gourds are composed largely of water (96 per cent water), subsequently ingesting its juice can assist settle down the physique programs. Throughout summers, the petha juice might be consumed similar to cucumber juice to launch the surplus warmth generated within the physique. 

2. Aids weight reduction and detox:

Ash gourd is a negative-calorie meals just like cucumber as they’re very low in energy. Apart from, they’re very low in fats, protein and carbs as effectively. Due to this fact, the water content material helps in detoxifying and selling weight reduction. Additionally, the fibre content material in it retains one feeling fuller for longer. This helps in controlling meals cravings in addition to in bringing down the general calorie consumption.

Ash gourd
Ash gourd

3. Improves digestion and intestine well being:

The fibre content material within the ash gourd helps in selling good intestine well being. The soluble fibre within the juice aids the expansion of excellent micro organism within the intestine thereby selling good digestion. This additionally helps in stopping digestive points like constipation and helps common bowel actions.

4. Relieves acidity:

Ash gourds are alkaline in nature and subsequently it has a neutralising impact on the physique and helps in stopping acidity points.

5. Will increase power ranges:

The content material of Vitamin B3 or niacin in ash gourds helps in boosting power metabolism within the physique. The niacin helps break down vitamins and meals into power by including enzymes.

Right here’s a recipe to make the wholesome juice:

  • Wash and peel the ash gourd.
  • Take away the seeds and the tender centre a part of the vegetable.
  • Cube the gourd into small items.
  • Add the diced gourd into the blender and mix till it turns into a easy puree.
  • Pressure the puree and extract the juice.
  • The juice might be consumed plain or by including lime juice, salt, and pepper to style.


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Edited by Yoshita Rao


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