Swissmedic approves QUVIVIQ (daridorexant) – a first-in-class therapy for continual insomnia dysfunction to enhance each nighttime signs and daytime functioning

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  • QUVIVIQ™ is indicated for the therapy of grownup sufferers with insomnia characterised by signs current for at the least three months and appreciable affect on daytime functioning

  • QUVIVIQ, Switzerland’s first permitted twin orexin receptor antagonist, provides a brand new focused mechanism of motion that decreases nighttime overactive wakefulness in insomnia

  • Idorsia Switzerland – led by Normal Supervisor Alice Huisman – goals to make QUVIVIQ obtainable to sufferers with continual insomnia dysfunction in Switzerland round mid-2023

Allschwil, Switzerland – December 5, 2022
Idorsia Ltd (SIX: IDIA) as we speak introduced that Swissmedic has granted advertising and marketing authorization for QUVIVIQ™ (daridorexant) for the therapy of grownup sufferers with insomnia characterised by signs current for at the least three months and appreciable affect on daytime functioning.1 Continual insomnia dysfunction is without doubt one of the most prevalent sleep problems in Europe, affecting between 6%-12% of the grownup inhabitants,2 and impacting each bodily and psychological well being.3,4

QUVIVIQ would be the first twin orexin receptor antagonist (DORA) obtainable in Switzerland for the therapy of continual insomnia dysfunction. Fairly than inducing sleep by way of broad inhibition of mind exercise (sedation), QUVIVIQ blocks the activation of orexin receptors1 identified for his or her key function in wakefulness. Consequently, QUVIVIQ decreases the wake drive, permitting sleep to happen, with out altering the proportion of sleep phases.1

The really helpful dose of QUVIVIQ is one pill of fifty mg as soon as per evening, taken orally within the night inside half-hour earlier than going to mattress.1 In sure circumstances, comparable to sufferers with reasonable hepatic impairment or who’re taking reasonable CYP3A4 inhibitors, the really helpful dose is 25 mg as soon as per evening.1

Jean-Paul Clozel, MD and Chief Govt Officer, commented:
“I’m very proud that somewhat greater than 5 years after Idorsia’s creation, we’re so near bringing our first product to sufferers in our dwelling market. The invention of daridorexant is the results of greater than 20 years of analysis in our laboratories right here in Allschwil. With QUVIVIQ, we’re bringing the primary and solely permitted twin orexin receptor antagonist to the Swiss market, providing sufferers with continual insomnia dysfunction not solely a greater evening sleep, each when it comes to sleep onset and length, but additionally an enchancment in daytime functioning on the really helpful dose. Now we have an awesome product paired with an awesome staff in Switzerland, led by Alice, to get QUVIVIQ to sufferers as shortly as attainable.”

Alice Huisman, Normal Supervisor of Idorsia Switzerland and Austria, commented:
“The approval of QUVIVIQ by Swissmedic is nice information for sufferers affected by continual insomnia dysfunction in Switzerland. The Idorsia Switzerland staff, primarily based at Idorsia’s headquarters in Allschwil, is now making ready to make QUVIVIQ obtainable to sufferers in Switzerland round mid-2023. I’m assured that with QUVIVIQ we will revolutionize the way in which insomnia is handled in Switzerland.”

The Swissmedic resolution is supported by strong Section 3 outcomes – revealed in The Lancet Neurology – which demonstrated that on the really helpful dose, QUVIVIQ improved sleep onset, sleep upkeep and self-reported whole sleep time in adults with continual insomnia dysfunction.5 The results of QUVIVIQ on sleep variables have been noticed early in therapy and have been maintained over time.1 A serious focus of the trials was to guage the affect of QUVIVIQ on daytime functioning in sufferers with insomnia dysfunction, as assessed by IDSIQ, a patient-reported outcomes instrument. The really helpful dose of QUVIVIQ demonstrated statistically important enchancment from baseline in comparison with placebo within the daytime sleepiness area of IDSIQ, which suggests sufferers reported feeling much less mentally and bodily drained, much less sleepy and extra energetic in the course of the day, at months one and three.1

In medical trials, essentially the most often reported adversarial reactions have been headache and somnolence.1 The vast majority of adversarial reactions have been gentle to reasonable in depth.1 No proof of a dose-relationship for the frequency or severity of adversarial reactions was noticed.1 The adversarial response profile in aged sufferers was in line with youthful sufferers.1 Somnolence was reported in 3% and a couple of% of sufferers handled with QUVIVIQ 25 mg and 50 mg, respectively, in comparison with 2% of topics on placebo.1 Moreover, no rebound insomnia or withdrawal signs indicative of bodily dependence upon therapy discontinuation have been noticed in medical research, nor was there a sign of any drug abuse potential.1 The advertising and marketing authorization was additionally supported by a long-term follow-up extension examine, which along with the pivotal trials, supplies medical information for as much as 12 months of cumulative therapy.1

For extra info on the advertising and marketing authorization of QUVIVIQ in Switzerland, please evaluate the Affected person Information and Info for Healthcare Professionals.

About QUVIVIQ (daridorexant) in insomnia dysfunction
Research over the previous a long time have proven that hyperarousal processes within the mind play a key function within the pathology of insomnia.6 Continual insomnia dysfunction is the results of continued mind hyperarousal that requires sustained administration with remedy appropriate for day by day use over months.7 Orexin is a neuropeptide, a small protein-like molecule, produced by the mind that promotes wakefulness.1,6 QUVIVIQ reduces nocturnal hyperarousal to enhance sleep (onset and upkeep) with out next-morning residual results in insomnia sufferers, and thus enhance daytime functioning.5

Regulatory standing of daridorexant
Along with this approval of QUVIVIQ (daridorexant) in Switzerland, QUVIVIQ was permitted by the US Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2022, and subsequently made commercially obtainable in Might 2022. For extra details about QUVIVIQ within the US, see the Full Prescribing Info (PI and Remedy Information). In April 2022, advertising and marketing authorization of QUVIVIQ was granted by the European Fee and subsequently by the Medicines and Healthcare merchandise Regulatory Company (MHRA) in Nice Britain by way of the European Fee Choice Reliance Process. For extra details about QUVIVIQ within the EU, see the Abstract of Product Traits. Launch preparations are underway within the main European markets and QUVIVIQ was made obtainable in each Italy and Germany in November 2022. Daridorexant is presently underneath evaluate with Well being Canada.

Notes to the editor

About insomnia dysfunction
Insomnia dysfunction is outlined as issue initiating or sustaining sleep, inflicting clinically important misery or impairment in vital areas of daytime functioning.3 This affect on sleep amount or high quality must be current for at the least three nights per week, lasts for at the least three months, and happens regardless of an enough alternative to sleep.3

Insomnia is a situation of overactive wake signaling and research have proven that areas of the mind related to wakefulness stay extra lively throughout sleep in sufferers with insomnia.8,9 It’s a widespread drawback with an estimated prevalence in Europe of 6-12% of the grownup inhabitants.2

Insomnia as a dysfunction is kind of totally different from a quick interval of poor sleep, and it could take its toll on each bodily and psychological well being.4 It’s a persistent situation with a unfavourable affect on daytime functioning.3 Idorsia’s analysis has proven that poor high quality sleep can have an effect on many elements of day by day life, together with the flexibility to pay attention, temper, and power ranges.

The aim of remedies for insomnia is to enhance sleep high quality and amount, in addition to daytime functioning, whereas avoiding adversarial occasions and next-morning residual results.5 Present really helpful therapy of insomnia consists of sleep hygiene remedy, cognitive behavioral remedy, and pharmacotherapy.6

In regards to the orexin system
Wake and sleep signaling is regulated by intricate neural circuitry within the mind. One key part of this course of is the orexin system, which helps promote wakefulness.5,7,10 There are two types of orexin neuropeptides – small protein-like molecules utilized by nerve cells (neurons) to speak with one another within the mind – orexin A and orexin B.7 Orexin promotes wakefulness by way of its receptors OX1R and OX2R.7 Collectively, these neuropeptides and receptors make up the orexin system. The orexin system stimulates focused neurons within the wake system – resulting in the discharge of a number of chemical compounds (serotonin, histamine, acetylcholine, norepinephrine) – to advertise wakefulness.11 Below regular circumstances, orexin ranges rise all through the day as wakefulness is promoted after which fall at evening.12 Overactivity of the wake system is a crucial driver of insomnia.5,10

The daridorexant Section 3 registration program
The Section 3 registration program comprised two three-month research, along with a long-term double-blind extension examine.1 This system enrolled a complete of 1,854 sufferers with insomnia dysfunction.1 As insomnia usually presents later in life, and older adults are extra vulnerable to expertise fragmented sleep, early awakening and daytime sleepiness,13 round 40% of the recruited inhabitants was at the least 65 years of age.5

The placebo-controlled research investigated the results of three doses of daridorexant (10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg) on sleep and daytime functioning parameters, objectively in a sleep lab by polysomnography and subjectively with a day by day affected person diary at dwelling.5 The affect of insomnia on sufferers’ daytime functioning was measured day by day utilizing the sleepiness area rating from the Insomnia Daytime Signs and Impacts Questionnaire (IDSIQ©) – a patient-reported end result (PRO) instrument developed and validated in accordance with the FDA Steering for Business.5

Greater than 800 sufferers continued therapy within the 40-week extension examine, which measured the impact of all three doses vs. placebo, producing information for long-term therapy of insomnia dysfunction.14

Section 3 information has been reported in The Lancet Neurology: The pivotal research demonstrated that daridorexant 50 mg considerably improved sleep onset, sleep upkeep and self-reported whole sleep time at months one and three in comparison with placebo.5 The most important impact was noticed with the very best dose (50 mg), adopted by 25 mg, whereas the ten mg dose didn’t have a major impact.5 In all therapy teams the proportions of sleep phases have been preserved, in distinction to findings reported with benzodiazepine receptor agonists.5

A serious focus of the trials was to guage the affect of daridorexant on daytime functioning in sufferers with insomnia dysfunction, as assessed by the IDSIQ.5 IDSIQ is a patient-reported outcomes instrument particularly developed and validated in accordance with FDA tips, to measure daytime functioning in sufferers with insomnia.15 The sleepiness area rating of the IDSIQ was evaluated as a key secondary endpoint in each pivotal research and comparisons to placebo included sort I error management for multiplicity.5 Daridorexant 50 mg demonstrated extremely statistically important enchancment in daytime sleepiness at month one and month three.5 The sleepiness area rating was not considerably improved on 25 mg in both examine at both timepoint.5

The general incidence of adversarial occasions was comparable between therapy teams.1 Probably the most often reported adversarial reactions have been headache and somnolence and, general, the vast majority of adversarial reactions have been gentle to reasonable in depth.1 No proof of a dose-relationship for the frequency or severity of adversarial reactions was noticed.1


Warnings and precautions to be used
Use with warning in aged sufferers due to the final threat of falls. Efficacy and security information in sufferers >75 are restricted.

Sufferers must be suggested to not devour alcohol throughout therapy.

Sleep paralysis and hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations can happen. Signs much like gentle cataplexy have been reported with twin orexin receptor antagonists. Prescribers ought to clarify this to sufferers and may think about discontinuing in case occasions happen.

Use with warning in sufferers exhibiting signs of melancholy.

Use with warning in sufferers with unstable psychiatric and neurological co-morbidities because of restricted efficacy and security information.

Daridorexant didn’t have important respiratory results in sufferers with gentle or reasonable OSA or reasonable COPD. Within the absence of information, use with warning in sufferers with extreme OSA and extreme COPD.

There was no proof of abuse or withdrawal signs indicative of bodily dependence upon therapy discontinuation in medical research with daridorexant in topics with insomnia. As a result of people with a historical past of abuse or habit to alcohol or different substances could also be at elevated threat for abuse of QUVIVIQ, these sufferers must be adopted fastidiously.

Use just isn’t really helpful in sufferers with extreme hepatic impairment.

Results on availability to drive and use machines
Sufferers must be cautioned about participating in probably hazardous actions, driving, or working heavy equipment except they really feel totally alert, particularly within the first few days of therapy. With a view to decrease this threat, a interval of roughly 9 hours is really helpful between taking QUVIVIQ and driving or utilizing machines.


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Headquartered close to Basel, Switzerland – a European biotech-hub – Idorsia is specialised within the discovery, improvement and commercialization of small molecules to rework the horizon of therapeutic choices. Idorsia has a broad portfolio of progressive medication within the pipeline, an skilled staff of pros overlaying all disciplines from bench to bedside, state-of-the-art services, and a powerful stability sheet – the best constellation to translate R&D efforts into enterprise success.

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