Vegan Intermittent Fasting: Execs, Cons, Meal Plan

Intermittent fasting is presently some of the in style consuming patterns. The identical is true about veganism, which has risen in recognition by 350% within the final decade (1).

Every offers their very own set of advantages, and also you — like lots of my plant-based purchasers — could ponder whether these two methods of consuming could be mixed.

Intermittent fasting could be efficiently completed on a vegan eating regimen and may very well present a wide range of well being advantages. These vary from decrease blood sugar and levels of cholesterol to a decrease danger of most cancers and coronary heart illness.

Plus, vegan intermittent fasting could promote weight reduction.

Nevertheless, this eating regimen requires cautious planning and isn’t appropriate for everybody.

On this article, I’ll assessment every thing you should find out about vegan intermittent fasting so you possibly can decide whether or not this fashion of consuming is best for you.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a method of consuming that cycles between intervals of consuming and intervals of fasting.

IF focuses extra on when to eat, moderately than what to eat. Two of the commonest fasting cycles embrace a each day 16-hour quick or bi-weekly 24-hour fasts.

Vegan intermittent fasting refers to following IF on a vegan eating regimen. So, like all types of IF, it cycles intervals of consuming and fasting. Nevertheless, the meals eaten through the consuming cycles can be fully plant-based.


Vegan intermittent fasting requires biking intervals of consuming with intervals of fasting whereas following a vegan eating regimen. An individual will eat completely plant-based meals on this consuming sample.

A vegan eating regimen excludes pink meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, and any meals containing animal-derived substances, akin to whey, casein, gelatin, or carmine.

As a substitute of animal-based meals, vegans eat tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes, nuts, seeds, complete grains, fruits, greens, and fortified plant-based meals.

Vegan IF protocols can range, however most contain splitting both your day or your week into intervals of consuming and intervals of fasting.

Throughout consuming intervals, you possibly can get pleasure from an unrestricted quantity and number of plant-based meals. Throughout fasting intervals, you must eat little to nothing in any respect.

The most well-liked IF protocols embrace:

  • 16/8 methodology: includes fasting for 16 hours and consuming for 8 hours every day. Sometimes, folks on this sample will skip breakfast and solely eat between 12–8 p.m. or 1–9 p.m.
  • Eat-stop-eat: includes fasting for twenty-four hours as soon as to twice per week.
  • The 5:2 eating regimen: includes consuming 500-600 energy on two nonconsecutive days of the week whereas consuming usually on the remaining 5 days.

Anecdotally, many individuals take into account the 16/8 methodology the simplest, as most already naturally quick for at the very least 6–8 hours in a single day.

Keep in mind, all meals eaten on this eating regimen have to be vegan.


There are numerous methods to do intermittent fasting. Every includes splitting both the day or week into intervals of fasting and intervals of consuming.

Many research recommend that IF may end up in short-term weight reduction. Nevertheless, it’s unclear whether or not this weight reduction could be simply maintained over time (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Folks appear to lose about 0.8–13% of their beginning weight when following IF for just a few weeks to months. It seems that weight reduction normally plateaus after 6 months on an intermittent fasting sample (3, 5, 6).

Different questions nonetheless stay about IF and weight reduction. First, it’s arduous to inform how a lot of the load loss measured in research is because of the IF sample versus different components, akin to the standard of the diets that members ate (3).

Plus, many research used small pattern sizes or ran for brief intervals of time, whereas some didn’t report on whether or not folks following the IF diets skilled any unintended effects (5, 6).

Meaning there are nonetheless quite a lot of unknowns relating to whether or not IF — together with vegan IF — is secure and efficient for important, sustainable weight reduction.

Intermittent fasting on a vegan eating regimen comes with each potential advantages and dangers, however we’d like extra analysis into the results of this eating regimen.

Doable well being advantages of vegan intermittent fasting

Each animal and human research recommend that intermittent fasting may end up in just a few well being advantages, together with:

  • Coronary heart well being: Intermittent fasting could barely cut back triglyceride and low density lipoprotein (LDL or “unhealthy”) levels of cholesterol, in addition to decrease the danger of coronary heart illness (3, 7, 8).
  • Blood sugar and insulin sensitivity: Human research recommend that IF could cut back blood sugar ranges and improve the physique’s means to acknowledge and make the most of insulin (2, 7).
  • Menstrual cycles: IF could assist folks with polycystic ovarian syndrome expertise extra common menstrual cycles (9).
  • Longevity: Many animal and some human research recommend that IF could enable you to stay longer. Nevertheless, extra analysis in people is required earlier than robust conclusions could be made (7).
  • Mind operate: Just a few animal and human research recommend that IF could provide some safety towards Alzheimer’s illness and cut back signs of epilepsy. Nevertheless, extra analysis is required (10).
  • Lowered irritation: Animal research recommend that IF could cut back irritation. Nevertheless, human research are wanted to substantiate this (7).
  • Most cancers danger: Some animal and some human research recommend that IF could stop DNA harm and assist kill broken, pre-cancerous, and cancerous cells. Nevertheless, extra human research are wanted (11).

Vegan diets have been linked to many well being advantages, together with (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18):

  • decrease blood sugar ranges
  • decrease danger of most cancers
  • decrease blood levels of cholesterol
  • decrease triglyceride ranges
  • as much as a 25% decrease danger of dying from coronary heart illness

As well as, a vegan eating regimen seems to offer aid from ache attributable to arthritis (19, 20).

It’s potential that combining a vegan eating regimen with an IF protocol could present a mixture of some or all of those well being advantages.

That stated, no research presently exist on vegan intermittent fasting. Subsequently, extra analysis is required earlier than robust conclusions could be made.

Potential dangers of vegan intermittent fasting

IF could make it more difficult so that you can meet your nutrient wants — and arguably much more so on a vegan eating regimen.

That’s as a result of IF requires you to satisfy your each day nutrient wants inside a shorter time frame, probably whereas consuming a smaller general variety of meals and snacks.

A vegan eating regimen is of course decrease in some vitamins like vitamin B12, iodine, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, and long-chain omega-3s. Consuming a bigger quantity and number of meals is commonly required to satisfy your nutrient wants as a vegan (21, 22, 23).

That may be tough to realize once you restrict your self to consuming solely inside a sure window of time. It requires cautious planning and a sure stage of diet information.

In the event you’re new to a vegan eating regimen or focused on making an attempt a vegan intermittent fasting protocol, I strongly encourage you to hunt steering from a registered dietitian (RD) to assist be certain your eating regimen is well-balanced.

Along with eating regimen high quality, lengthy intervals of fasting could lead some folks to binge when breaking their quick.

Binge consuming dysfunction (BED) includes consuming bigger than regular quantities of meals in a small time frame, with a sense that you simply don’t have management over your consuming (7).

In the event you discover that your vegan intermittent fasting eating regimen promotes BED-like behaviors, it’s probably not the fitting consuming sample for you.

Some analysis additional means that some girls’s hormones could react otherwise to intermittent fasting than males’s. Anecdotally, some girls report dropping their intervals throughout IF (7).

Few research exist on the subject, so till extra is understood, individuals who need to strive IF ought to begin off step by step. Cease instantly for those who discover any menstrual irregularities, together with an absence of menstruation.

Who shouldn’t strive vegan intermittent fasting?

Vegan IF is just not really useful for kids or anybody who’s pregnant or breastfeeding (24, 25).

It’s additionally unsuitable for folks residing with thyroid abnormalities, who’ve a historical past of consuming problems, or who take insulin or blood sugar-lowering medicines (24, 25).


Vegan intermittent fasting could cut back your danger of sure ailments. Nevertheless, it requires cautious planning and isn’t fitted to everybody, particularly people who find themselves pregnant or breastfeeding, who’ve a historical past of disordered consuming, or who take sure drugs.

A well-planned vegan eating regimen sometimes requires dietary supplements and fortified meals so as to meet your nutrient wants.

A vitamin B12 complement is the naked minimal. Relying on the place you reside, your meals preferences, and your meal-planning abilities, you may additionally want vitamin D, iodine, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and omega-3 dietary supplements (21, 26).

In the event you’re focused on giving vegan intermittent fasting a strive, begin by selecting which IF protocol is most life like for you primarily based in your life, work, and leisure habits.

Then, begin slowly; maybe by beginning with a 12-hour fasting window moderately than a 16-hour one, or 1 calorie-restricted day per week moderately than 2.

Do not forget that you’ll have entry to a restricted quantity of meals and snacks every day or week to satisfy your nutrient wants. It’s probably greatest to plan your meals and snacks forward of time, to assist guarantee they’re as nutrient-rich as potential.

To additional increase the nutrient content material of your eating regimen, go for complete and minimally-processed plant meals each time potential, and check out limiting most processed or ultra-processed meals.

Lastly, have a assessment date in thoughts. In the event you really feel horrible, or haven’t gotten any of the outcomes you wished for by the point your assessment date rolls round, vegan intermittent fasting might not be the fitting consuming sample for you.


Together with plant-based dietary supplements, beginning sluggish, planning your meals and snacks forward of time, and having a assessment date in thoughts might help make your vegan intermittent fasting expertise extra profitable.

Your vegan intermittent fasting meal plan will range based on which IF protocol you select to observe and what meals you want and have entry to. This implies there is no such thing as a one common meal plan for everybody.

Nevertheless, the next pointers stay true no matter whether or not you go for the 16/8, eat-stop-eat, or 5:2 protocol, and will enable you to a balanced vegan IF meal plan of your personal (27):

  • Properly-balanced meals and snacks: Be certain that most of your meals and snacks embrace some tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, or peas along with complete grains and a wide range of fruits or greens.
  • Leafy and inexperienced greens: Plan to have at a minimal of two–3 servings of leafy greens every day. These embrace lettuce, arugula, spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, and Swiss chard, to call just a few.
  • Brazil nuts: Embrace 1–2 Brazil nuts every day that can assist you extra simply meet your selenium wants.
  • Flax, hemp, or chia seeds: Embrace 1–3 tablespoons (15–45 mL) of floor flax, hemp, or chia seeds per day, to extend your consumption of omega-3s.
  • Different nuts and seeds: Plan to eat an extra 1–2 ounces (28–56 grams) of different nuts or seeds every day.
  • Fortified meals: Be sure to incorporate at the very least 2–3 servings of a fortified plant milk or yogurt every day to extra simply meet your calcium-needs.

Your meal plan ought to be principally primarily based round complete or minimally-processed meals, as these will enable you to greatest meet your each day nutrient wants.

Nevertheless, strive retaining some room to get pleasure from just a few processed meals, sweets, or baked items sometimes to attenuate the danger of BED and keep away from falling into a very restrictive consuming sample.


Maintaining the rules above in thoughts when meal planning on your vegan intermittent fasting eating regimen will assist make sure you extra simply meet your each day nutrient wants.

Vegan intermittent fasting includes following a vegan eating regimen on an intermittent fasting protocol.

Individually, each methods of consuming have been linked to varied well being advantages. These could embrace decrease blood sugar and levels of cholesterol, a decrease danger of most cancers and coronary heart illness, and even an extended life.

The mixture of the 2 consuming patterns could also be anticipated to offer a mixture of some or all of those advantages. Nevertheless, extra analysis is required to substantiate this.

Remember the fact that each methods of consuming are, in themselves, restrictive in nature. Subsequently, vegan IF could make it more difficult to satisfy your nutrient necessities than both eating regimen by itself.

In the event you’re focused on giving vegan intermittent fasting a strive, take into account in search of steering from an RD to make sure that your eating regimen stays well-balanced.


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