We have to discuss melatonin, concur medical doctors about nation’s rising tendency to take insomnia remedy

In case you haven’t heard of melatonin, that’s most likely an excellent factor. It suggests you’ve by no means had an issue nodding off – even to the extent you’ve googled ‘cures for insomnia’ – and that you just sleep like a child.

But when you realize it’s the hormone naturally launched when it’s darkish in accordance with our 24-hour clock and our want for some shut-eye, then there’s each probability you’ve thought-about supplementing your pure provide – notably because it dwindles with age.

And also you wouldn’t be alone. Whereas in 2011, 8,150 folks aged 45-64 received a prescription for melatonin capsules to sort out insomnia, by 2021, this determine had risen to twenty-eight,005 in accordance with figures obtained from the Sundhedsstyrelsen well being authority – a 340 % improve.

The massive fear about melatonin is that no person is aware of how dangerous it could possibly be to take it over a long-term interval. Medical doctors are assured that short-term utilization – for instance, to assist the physique cope with jetlag – is ok.

Specialists: slicing stress ranges and display utilization a greater resolution
“I feel it’s problematic that there’s such a rise: persons are playing a bit of bit together with your well being,” sleep researcher Birgitte Rahbek Kornum, a College of Copenhagen affiliate professor, advised TV2.

In line with Kornum, folks aged 45-64 ought to nonetheless be capable of produce sufficient melatonin to simply go to sleep. 

Earlier than asking for a prescription, she suggests, they need to handle their stress ranges and display utilization.

The variety of prescriptions, in accordance with Berlingske, may also be attributed to the tendency of medical doctors to not subject benzodiazepines – that are identified to be extra addictive and have extra severe side-effects.


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